Should a Christian Play Video Games?

Should a Christian Play Video Games?

From Mario Brothers to Minecraft, generations have been immersed and often addicted to video games. But many would argue that video games are a sin. So, should a Christian play video games?

In this week’s newsletter, Pastor Mark addresses one of our reader’s questions, and dives deep into the topic of video games and the how Christians should engage with a culture. The Bible doesn’t speak directly to the issue, so how should Christians think about video games?

Check out the video, and send your questions to [email protected].


At The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Pastor Mark Driscoll recently taught a Bible study series to the core launch team entitled “1 John: The Father Heart of God.” Recorded in black and white as the church plant was in its infancy, this intimate 13-week Bible study will begin being made available for free on August 1.  Along with the teaching series, we’ll be releasing several additional free resources on August 1 at to those who sign up for our special new “Leaders List”:

  • 1 John Study Guide – As a companion guide to Pastor Mark’s sermon series, we’ve compiled a 22,000 word study guide with notes, study questions, and group materials.
  • 1 John Research Brief – Many of the partners of Mark Driscoll Ministries are pastors and leaders in need of more in depth teaching resources. To that end, we’ve prepared a 240,000 word research brief through the book of 1 John.

Stay tuned and follow the Mark Driscoll Ministries newsletter for the release of the Bible Study.

The Trinity ChurchJoin us on August 7th for the launch of The Trinity Church. We’ll have two services, 9:00am and 10:45 am, and sermons will also be live-streamed at In the meantime, we will be meeting for a Sunday Bible Study every week at our historic church home located just off Freeway 101, Exit #45 at 8620 East McDonald Drive in Scottsdale, Arizona. Once our Launch Team is ready, we will be adding a band, kids ministry, and other Sunday elements as we work toward our eventual public launch.. Join the Trinity Church Launch Team or learn more about how you can donate to The Trinity Church.

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