What’s the best Bible translation?

What’s the best Bible translation?

More than we know, we’re blessed live in a day  of numerous accessible and available Bible translations. Rather than being good gifts to enjoy, having a favorite version can often be a source of tension and arguments within churches.

This week, Pastor Mark shares an answer to the question “What’s your favorite Bible translation?” and provides some categories for how we should think about the plethora of options that are available. These categories include:

  1. Corruptions
  2. Paraphrase
  3. Thought-for-Thought
  4. Word-for-Word

Watch this week’s video to learn more. For a more thorough answer on translations, read Pastor Mark’s blog called “Where did the Bible come from?

And…most importantly, no matter what the translation…read your Bible this week!

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Many have asked about the vision for Mark Driscoll Ministries, and Pastor Mark shares about this vision in this week’s video. The Trinity Church will function like a lightbulb, illuminating the gospel locally to those in the Phoenix area. Mark Driscoll Ministries will be like a lighthouse, which will distribute Pastor Mark’s teaching broadly. Specially, MDM will provide practical Bible teaching that is easily accessible to the average person, and provide substantial resources to help pastors and leaders help teach others.

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