Which is best? Public, Private, or Home School?

Which is best? Public, Private, or Home School?

The sometimes heated debate over education opportunities need not be. Pastor Mark answers a question from one of our readers named Joe, who asks about which schooling choice is best for his children.

Pastor Mark examines the history and influence of Christianity on education, looking at the influence of the Reformers and of early American pioneers and their educational choices.

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The Trinity Church Launches August 7th

The Trinity Church will publicly launch on Sunday, August 7 at two services, 9:00am and 10:45 am. In the meantime, we will be meeting for a Sunday Bible Study every week at our historic church home located just off Freeway 101, Exit #45 at 8620 East McDonald Drive in Scottsdale, Arizona. Once our Launch Team is ready, we will be adding a band, kids ministry, and other Sunday elements as we work toward our eventual public launch.. Join the Trinity Church Launch Team or learn more about how you can donate to The Trinity Church.

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What’s Next for Mark Driscoll Ministries?

Many have asked about the vision for Mark Driscoll Ministries, and Pastor Mark shares about this vision in this week’s video. The Trinity Church will function like a lightbulb, illuminating the gospel locally to those in the Phoenix area. Mark Driscoll Ministries will be like a lighthouse, which will distribute Pastor Mark’s teaching broadly. Specially, MDM will provide practical Bible teaching that is easily accessible to the average person, and provide substantial resources to help pastors and leaders help teach others.

To those who have been giving gifts to support Mark Driscoll Ministries, thank you! Your gift allows us to give away free weekly teaching – including newsletters, daily devotionals, sermons, and eBooks – all to tell as many people as possible about Jesus.

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You asked, Pastor Mark answered.

Over the last several months, we’ve been answering the questions sent in from our readers of the Weekly Newsletter. These questions include:

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