21 Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Reason #3

21 Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Reason #3

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Matthew 17:22-23 – As they were gathering in Galilee, Jesus said to them, “The Son of Man is about to be delivered into the hands of men, and they will kill him, and he will be raised on the third day.” And they were greatly distressed.  

Reason #3: Jesus predicted His resurrection in advance.

Jesus speaks for Himself.

Mark 9:31 says “I, the Messiah, am going to be betrayed and killed and three days later I will return to life again.”

Mark 10:33-34 says “I, the Messiah, will be arrested and taken before the chief priests and the Jewish leaders, who will sentence me to die and hand me over to the Romans to be killed. They will mock me and spit on me and flog me with their whips and kill me; but after three days I will come back to life again.”

With very specific details, Jesus Himself predicts the events surrounding His death and burial. Since, no other religious, political, or spiritual leader has been able to predict the future in the way that Jesus did. 

Find any other instances in Scripture where Jesus predicted His own death, burial, and resurrection.

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