Are You Praying the 3 Ways Jesus Did?

Are You Praying the 3 Ways Jesus Did?

The best way to learn how to do something is usually to watch someone else do it. This is how I learned how to throw a curveball and drive a stick shift when I was much younger.

When Jesus prays, He could have prayed silently or privately. But, often He prayed loudly and publicly. This was so that we could learn how to pray by watching and hearing Him pray.

Jesus’ longest recorded prayer is in John 17. In that prayer, Jesus prayed for three groups of people:

  1. Jesus prayed for Himself (17:1-5)
  2. Jesus prayed for Christians (17:6-19)
  3. Jesus prayed for non-Christians (17:20-26)

As you can see, in one prayer, Jesus prayed for every category of person.

How about you?

What should you be praying for yourself? Needs you have, things you are thankful for, lessons you are learning, obstacles you are facing, and burdens you are carrying?

How should you be praying for fellow Christians that you know? How can you pray for them, and pray with them, so that they know you are praying for them?

Which non-Christians should you be praying for? How can you be praying for and seeking opportunities for them to attend church with you, have conversations about God with you, read a book or Bible you give them, or just let you pray for a need they have?

Which of the three categories are you best at praying for? Which of the three categories are you worst at praying for?

Stop right now and take some time to pray as you feel is best for whoever or whatever comes to mind.

Mark Driscoll
[email protected]

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