From Independence to Unity

From Independence to Unity

Nehemiah 10:39 – “…We will not neglect the house of our God.”

For generations, these families had professed a faith that they did not practice, and often did not possess. They gave lip-service to God but did not live a lifestyle that was godly. The Bible had been ignored, worship services had stopped, people were not giving to God, they were marrying pagans and unbelievers, but now were going forward and not looking back.

Today, believers face the same kind of temptation to become lethargic and lukewarm, forsaking the corporate worship of God for business and recreational opportunities, not give generously to the cause of Jesus Christ, and living lives that are not much different than everyone who does not know God. The good news from Nehemiah’s report is that everything can change quickly and supernaturally if God’s people will repent of their sin and obey His Word as God graciously and generously pours out His blessing upon His people.

Previously, the people lived independently and now they were striving toward unity. They did not make God or church a priority, and now they were. They did not think or plan in terms of generational legacy for their children and grandchildren, but that was all about to change. This chapter reports the result of repentance. People stop fighting with God and start following God. People stop arguing with God and start agreeing with God. People change their lives because God has changed their heart, mind, and desires.

What do you think it was like for the wives of these men listed in the public covenant of Nehemiah 10 to see such a sudden and dramatic change in their husbands?

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