Giving is the Blessing

Giving is the Blessing

Romans 12:13 – Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

The area surrounding Scottsdale, Arizona, where I have the honor of being a senior pastor, has become the fastest-growing area in the entire country. Especially as churches, businesses, and life, in general, are still closed in many parts of the country, people are moving to the Phoenix area in record numbers to gain back a bit of normalcy in their lives.

In this case, we have a great opportunity to look for ways to show generosity and hospitality, meeting physical, practical needs for newcomers. You often know who the newcomer is if they show up early and look a bit lost. The difference between a stranger and a friend is hospitality.

Generosity and hospitality allow us to participate in God’s blessing in other people’s lives. It’s like going to work with our Heavenly Father. In Acts 20:35, it says “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

If you learn to give, you can learn to forgive. If you learn to give, you will become a better parent, friend, and spouse. This all goes together in a healthy soul.

When I was younger, my dad would let me go to work with him and I’d put on my little boots and bring my little lunchbox for a big day with my dad. Did he need me to help him? Absolutely not. In fact, I probably was a hindrance to his progress. But we got to spend time together and build our relationship.

In the same way, God invites us alongside Him to accomplish His purposes and show goodness and hospitality to others. Prosperity theology, which says you give to be blessed, is erroneous. You don’t give to get a blessing; you give because it IS the blessing. Let’s look for others this week that we can be a blessing to and join our Heavenly Father in His work on this earth.

Who can you be a blessing to and show hospitality to this week?

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