Good News for Bad People

Good News for Bad People

Romans 3:21-22 – But…Jesus Christ!

After spending the first three chapters of Romans hammering human sin, God’s wrath, and our universal desperate need for grace from and faith in Jesus Christ for salvation whereby we are declared justified as righteous in God’s sight, Paul pivots from bad news to good news. In our world filled with bad news, here are 10 good news truths made possible by Jesus Christ!

  1. I am all wrong, but Jesus Christ makes it all right!
  2. I am unrighteous, but Jesus Christ is my righteousness!
  3. I am worse than I can imagine, but Jesus Christ is better than I can fathom!
  4. I am my problem, but Jesus Christ is my solution!
  5. I am God’s enemy, but Jesus Christ calls me friend!
  6. I am a child of the Devil, but Jesus Christ made me a child of God!
  7. I am under the wrath of God, but Jesus Christ put me under the love of God!
  8. I am a sinner, but Jesus Christ is my Savior!
  9. I am dead, but Jesus Christ makes me alive!
  10. I am headed to hell, but Jesus Christ is taking me to Heaven!

Which is your favorite on this list? 

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Mark Driscoll
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