How does creation point to an intelligent designer?

How does creation point to an intelligent designer?

All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. -John 1:3

Christian philosophers have long sought to start with creation to move backwards to introduce people to the Creator. Each of the following arguments is complex and can be presented in multiple ways. Generally speaking, these philosophical arguments are each inductive in form, meaning they reason from what God has done to an understanding of who God is. The one exception is the ontological argument, which is a deductive argument.

  • Ontological Argument from Highest Ideal: (ontos means “being”) follows that since the human mind is only able to conceive of that which actually exists, God must exist because we would not be able to conceive of God unless there was God.
  • Teleological Argument from Design: (telos means “purpose” or “design”) contends that when we see something that is designed, we rightly assume that an intelligent designer created it.
  • Cosmological Argument from First Cause: (cosmos means “orderly arrangement”) asserts that for every effect there is a cause. Therefore, the material world must have a beginning, and that beginning must be outside of the material world to cause it to come into existence.
  • Kalam Argument from Time: states that the existence of time necessitates a beginning as a reference point from which time proceeds.
  • Axiological Argument from Morality: (axios means “judgment”) contends that everyone, regardless of his or her culture, has an innate understanding of right and wrong.

In conclusion, taken together as a cumulative case, the various arguments for God’s existence reveal that God exists; He is the Intelligent Designer, the powerful Cause of all creation, apart from time but at work in time, and morally good.

Which of these arguments makes the most sense to you?

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