Joseph’s Forgiveness and Anointing Part 3

Joseph’s Forgiveness and Anointing Part 3

Genesis 50:20 – “…As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today…”

My hope and prayer as you see the testimony of Joseph is that God would use His Word and Spirit to also write your testimony and that His anointing would be on you, as it was for Joseph. By living in the anointing of the Spirit, there are many ways that Joseph’s testimony is a bit like Jesus:

  1. .Joseph & Jesus were both sons loved by their earthly and heavenly fathers
  2. Joseph & Jesus were both chosen to be the firstborn son
  3. Joseph & Jesus were both sons chosen by the heavenly father to save and rule
  4. Joseph & Jesus were both taken to Egypt as young men
  5. Joseph & Jesus were both shepherds (a shepherd and the Good Shepherd)
  6. Joseph & Jesus had family that did not believe their destiny
  7. Joseph & Jesus were hated by their jealous brothers
  8. Joseph & Jesus were sold for pieces of silver similar to the price of a slave (20 and 30 pieces of silver, respectively) 
  9. Joseph & Jesus were both stripped of their clothing
  10. Joseph & Jesus both had a robe dipped in blood (Genesis 37:31, Revelation 19:13)
  11. Joseph & Jesus were both thrown in a hole
  12. Joseph & Jesus were both separated from their father (Joseph earthly, Jesus heavenly)
  13. Joseph & Jesus forgave those who sinned against them
  14. Joseph & Jesus both ruled over Kingdoms from the right hand of the King
  15. Joseph & Jesus both brought a multitude of life and grace by getting out of their hole they were left for dead in
  16. Joseph is worshiping Jesus right now in the Kingdom

How is it an encouragement to see Joseph passing his tests and trials and ultimately receiving blessing as a result?

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