Learn to Persevere

Learn to Persevere

Malachi 2:10-11a: “Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? Why then are we faithless to one another, profaning the covenant of our fathers? Judah has been faithless, and abomination has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem.”

At some point, every relationship hits “that point”. This is the time where we decide to hang in or hang up. This is the perseverance test and by deciding to hang in the relationship, we are agreeing to press forward together.

Since the two most important relationships we have are with God and our spouse, it’s not surprising to see God turning His spotlight to those relationships.

God reminds us that He is our Maker and Father. As your Maker, you come from God, belong to God, and will give an account before God. As your Father, you are loved by a relational God who wants you to relate to Him like a child with a parent. This relationship is the most important relationship.

A relationship with God models for us what a healthy relationship is like. Since everyone except God is a sinner with faults and flaws, every relationship is, to some degree, unhealthy. Our relationship with our perfect Father sets the template for what a healthy relationship looks like and after which our other relationships are to be patterned.

A relationship with God also meets our deepest relational needs. Only God is always present, never fails, cannot be wearied, and does not need us. If at any point we seek to have our deepest relational needs met by anyone other than God, we set up the relationship for ruin. Simply put, no one can be God for us and we cannot be God for anyone else.

Is there anyone you have in God’s place in your life? Is there anyone who has you in God’s place in their life?

Mark Driscoll
[email protected]

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