Little and Big Trials

Little and Big Trials

James 1:2 – …when you meet trials of various kinds…

James 1:12 – Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial…

When we think of tests and trials, we tend to think of the big things in life that are mountains we have to climb. However, often the tests and trials are a series of much smaller road bumps that jolt us unexpectedly.

Often, the big trials come more slowly, a bit at a time, and take weeks, months, or years to work through in steadfastness. Conversely, the small trials come more quickly, without warning, and elicit in us an immediate response that can often be more easily in the flesh than the Spirit.

What am I talking about? Think through your recent life and things that unexpectedly triggered you and were little tests and trials. Do certain drivers on the road make your blood boil? Do your appliances at home breaking down or technology glitching madden you? Has someone or something online caused your soul to glitch unexpectedly like a small shot to the soul from a sniper far away?

As I am living and trying to preach through James, the theme of trials has brought to my attention that I tend to be a better taker of big tests than small ones. It makes me wonder if the Enemy sees that and keeps sending me small tests knowing that, if I don’t take those well, together the small failures become a big problem?

Are you like me? You’re pretty good in the big trials but in the little, minute, day-to-day trials, it’s more difficult? What does it look like to be steadfast and faithful through all our trials big and small? Ask God to help you in both the large and small trials.

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