Men Can Change Generations

Men Can Change Generations

Romans 16:10 – Greet those who belong to the family of Aristobulus.

There was a study done by the Baptist Press and a men’s group called Promise Keepers and here’s the findings. If mom goes to church, worships and serves God, brings the children with her, when the children grow up, there is a 2 percent chance the child will go to church and worship God regularly.

And this is not to discourage the women. My mom knew the Lord, prayed for me, and modeled faith, and I am here, in large part, because of the ministry and testimony of my Spirit-filled mom. Now, I’m happy to report my dad now knows and loves Jesus, but that was not the case when I was growing up.

Conversely, if dad opens the Bible, prays, worships, and brings mom and the kids to church, the odds go up to 66 and 75 percent chance that the children will grow up and attend church to worship and serve God.

That’s why there is a war to keep men from Bible reading, worship, church, and prayer. The enemy knows if he can isolate the men, he can assassinate the family.

As Romans 16 continues, Paul mentions a man named Aristobulus and mentions not only him but his family. To me, this is awesome.

Men – you have an opportunity to change generations. In our culture, we want to get rid of husbands and fathers and we want to replace them with government. As a result, the nation is imploding because, ultimately, God’s divine design is for kids to have a father AND a mother, each contributing something unique and necessary to the family.

One thing the father provides is leadership. God’s divine design cannot be altered or overcome. I don’t care what critical theory says, I don’t care about all the “-isms” or what the fool’s parade at the university is writing for curriculum.

Ultimately, when God architected the world, things functioned according to his architected plan.

Men are significant. For good or for evil. If men are filled with the Spirit, they are significant to bless their families for generations; if they’re filled with the demonic or the flesh, they curse their families for generations.

Here, God honors a man whose entire family is loving and serving the Lord. That’s my hope for me and for you and for us.

Do you know a Spirit-filled father who leads his family? Honor him.

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Mark Driscoll
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