Noah Led His Family

Noah Led His Family

Genesis 7:5 – And Noah did all that the Lord had commanded him. 

Imagine being Noah’s wife and sons as, for 120 years, he said God had told him to build a gigantic boat…in a desert…when they had never seen anything called rain before. And then imagine you even join in and help him! They must’ve thought he was a little crazy at times and, in 120 years, I’m sure there were some rough days, but the fact that they stick with him and pitch in to help seems to speak to his leadership of his family.

In faith, Noah listens to God and continues to act in faithfulness to what God has called him to do. It’s curious that in Genesis 7-8, it’s only God speaking, and Noah never says anything, at least that was important enough to record. I think I may have had a few questions for God in this scenario, but he seems to just move forward in faith.

Genesis 7:5 says that Noah “did all that the Lord had commanded him”, which is rather incredible and a little bit hard to believe that he didn’t just do some of what God asked of him in some unbelievable circumstances. We often do some or most of what God commands us and then get frustrated and wonder why it seems like God has let us down.

Because of his faith, God is faithful to him to tell him exactly what to expect and how long they will endure throughout their journey on the ark. In chapter 7 verse 4, God tells Noah, “…in seven days I will send rain on the earth forty days and forty nights…” It probably made their stay in a large, hot, likely stinky ark a little bit more bearable knowing there was an end in sight and God was faithful to provide them that information.

Though Noah is not perfect, Noah is obedient to God. For husbands, this is a great example of a man who led his family through circumstances that seemed ridiculous and impossible, but because God was the one leading him, he put one foot in front of the other each day for 120 years. He preached, he worked hard, and he led his family – three practical and helpful tips for men. For wives and children, that type of submission to God is something they can follow and can get behind – when their husband and father listens to the Lord and leads the family in that direction…even when it may seem crazy.

What do you learn about Noah’s heart and mind according to Hebrews 11:7?

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