Our Incredible Planet

Our Incredible Planet

Genesis 1:10b – And God saw that it was good.

As we set out on a journey to go verse-by-verse through the book of Genesis for the next several months, we start with God’s creation of the world, and I just wanted to take a pit stop to give a shoutout to the earth and appreciate the incredible world He has created.

When you survey all the options, I think we did pretty good living on earth. The sun is 10,000 degrees. Can you imagine living somewhere where it’s 10,000 degrees? In July in Arizona, maybe we get a little taste. But that’s really hot.

If you go to Neptune, it’s -360 degrees. Can you imagine living there? It’s like a Trump/Biden double-date…that’s freezing!

We live on planet earth and it’s such an incredible, beautiful, perfect environment. I’ve been to almost all the states in our nation and about 14 countries. With the world shut down recently, I prayed about it and bought a Bronco so I can go up in the mountains and pretend we don’t have a government.

I love to hike and look at the environment, I’ve been in the snow and the mud and the wilderness, and I just love God’s creation. As you look around, you just have to ask yourself: Where did this all come from? Why is it all here? How did this all happen? When and where did it all begin?

We’re going to look at all of that in Genesis and I hope you’ll come along for the journey with us this year as we study the book of beginnings.

What do you appreciate about the nature and beautiful creation God created? Thank Him for creating your favorite places and parts of nature.

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