Paul Was Predestined

Paul Was Predestined

Galatians 1:15-16a – But when he who had set me apart before I was born, and who called me by his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son to me…

Some people turn from sin to Jesus for eternal salvation while others remain in sin away from Jesus for eternal damnation.


One clue in Scripture is the frequent use of words that, in their Old Testament context, indicate God chooses some people to be saved, such as plan1, purpose2, and choose3. Likewise, the New Testament uses a constellation of words, such as predestine4, elect5, choose6, and appointed7, to speak of God’s choosing to save some people but not all people.

The question that logically follows is: Why are some people saved by God and not others? Is it because they do not choose God, or because God did not choose them?

In studying church history, we see that there are, generally speaking, two broad categories into which various answers to these questions fall. Synergism is the belief that, in varying degrees depending upon who is advocating this position, God and man work together in the process of justification. Conversely, monergism is the belief that God alone works for our justification, and we play no part whatsoever in our salvation.

Perhaps the person who has the most to say about God choosing us before we choose Him is Paul. Formerly a religious terrorist who hated Christ and Christianity, Jesus came down from heaven to blind him, humble him, save him, and call him to preach love to his former enemies (Acts 9). If anyone was predestined, it was Paul, who says that God had a salvation planned before him before he was even born. For the Christian, this should encourage us in God’s love.    

Before we knew God, God knew us!           

Before we loved God, God loved us!

Before we pursued God, God pursued us!

Looking back, how have you seen God at work in the details of your life before you were even aware?          

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Mark Driscoll
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