Seek to Be a Steward

Seek to Be a Steward

When reading the Bible, it is helpful to be aware of three themes that appear repeatedly.

The first theme is sin. Jesus lives without sin and dies so that our sin can be forgiven

The second theme is suffering. Jesus suffered the wrath of God so that we do not have to, and comforts us as we suffer

The third theme is stewardship. All that we have ultimately belongs to God.

Roughly 25% of Jesus’ teaching is about stewardship. One of the most famous teachings of Jesus on stewardship is found in John 6. There, a little boy sees a great need as a massive crowd of perhaps twenty-thousand people or more have come to see Jesus and become hungry. So, the poor little boy gives his little lunch of cheap barley bread and a few fish to Jesus. Jesus then multiplies what the boy gives so that not only is the boy fed, but so is the crowd.

There are three basic ways to view your possessions:

  1. What’s mine is mine promotes selfishness
  2. What’s yours is mine promotes stealing
  3. What’s mine is His promotes stewarding

The little boy acted as a steward. He understood that the lunch he had was a gift from the Lord, so he gave it back to the Lord. In multiplying the lunch, Jesus provided for both the boy and the crowd so that everyone was blessed.

When lunch was ended, Jesus then ordered the disciples saying, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.” Jesus, too, is a steward. Even though He could make all the bread He wanted, He ensured that none of the bread be wasted.

Is there anything you should be sharing? Is there anything you are wasting?

Mark Driscoll
[email protected]

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