Wall, Welcome, and Worship

Wall, Welcome, and Worship

Nehemiah 6:15 – So the wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty-two days.

Nehemiah’s final response to the attempts to divert, disgrace, and deceive are exemplary. First, he did not lose courage or stop pressing forward. Second, he was discerning and not dissuaded by threats, lies, or manipulation. Third, he continually prayed for wisdom and power for himself and for God’s vengeance upon his enemies.

Nehemiah persevered without a wife, friend, comforter, encourager, or relief from the constant attacks. Leadership is lonely, and Nehemiah prayed a lot because God was all he had. While many joys and pleasures are taken from a leader (e.g. sleep, a quiet life, rest, safety, security, privacy, encouragement, friendship), God kindly gives Himself to them in a deeper relationship than the average believer in return.

This scene is an important transition as the wall is completed. In less than a year from God’s calling, Nehemiah completed the first and arguably most difficult task, rebuilding of the city wall for fortification.

Nehemiah labored in prayer and planning, gained legal permission from the king, raised capital, moved from Susa to Jerusalem, endured external critics, along with death threats internally and externally. Nehemiah’s reputation was shot, along with his wealth, as he collected no salary and paid for much of the work.

However, after roughly 141 years of failed attempts, the wall was completed, God’s people were welcomed, and God could be worshipped.

How is the example of Acts 17:11 a helpful principle for being a discerning believer?

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