Driscoll Family Update, New Content, and a Special Thank You to James River Church

Driscoll Family Update, New Content, and a Special Thank You to James River Church

Driscoll Family Update

Thank you for those who have been praying for our family. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. With the last day of school, it means we get to have the kids around all day every day. I love the increased volume and life in the house as we have fun and make memories as a family. Getting to sleep in is also a nice gift for us all.This week Gideon (9) has baseball playoffs and his previously undefeated team recently lost their first game of the season. Alexie (11) is getting lots of friend time. Calvin (13) has a lot of baseball games. Zac (15) is done with baseball for the season after playing varsity at his school, hanging out with friends, and buying and selling a lot of Nike’s. And, Ashley has graduation and commencement this week and we are all very proud of her. I did not know the Lord at her age and seeing a godly strong smart leader grow up before our eyes has been a tremendous blessing that we thank the Lord for.

Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark continues to read your emails of encouragement and prayers that you send to [email protected].

Thank you James River ChurchWe want to thank James River Church for hosting Pastor Mark this past Sunday. You can watch Pastor Mark’s message on “Paul the Forgiven“, here.

New Content

This week we have added additional parts of the series, “Luke: Investigating The Man Who Is God.”
We will continue to work on bringing Pastor Mark’s archived content back online in the coming months. We will also be posting some completely new content, and will continue to notify you when it is added to the site, so stay tuned.

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