Free “Christians Might Be Crazy” PDF Book

Free “Christians Might Be Crazy” PDF Book

What do people really think about Christians? What do they say about us when we’re not in the room?

And how can you respond to their objections in truth and love?

That’s what this book will help you understand – how to offer real answers to the real questions people are asking. Based on two extensive survey projects that opened up candid conversations with people from all backgrounds and worldviews, Christians Might Be Crazy provides a thorough, researched, and engaging analysis of spirituality, morality, and politics in America.

Sit down with Pastor Mark Driscoll for an honest conversation with the very people you’re compelled to value as Christ does, to understand what they believe, and to wrestle with what they feel.

And discover how to engage their hearts with the authentic, life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mark Driscoll
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