Men Who Bless, Men Who Curse

Men Who Bless, Men Who Curse

James 3:10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.

Covenant Heads – Adam brought the curse, Jesus blessed us by becoming cursed for us

  1. Cursing – negative binding over others to bring harm (“accursed” “woe”)
  • Enemy Unchangeable – Satan first mention of a curse in Bible Genesis 3:14
  • Always, Never

Undoing A Curse

  1. Recognize
  2. Reject = “the Lord rebuke you”
  3. Replace (lie-truth; unholy spirit-Holy Spirit)
  1. Blessing – positive binding over others to bring health
  • Adam and Eve consequence but not curse

Ways A Man Can Bless

Pray                 Speak              Encourage                  Teach              Coach

Serve               Give                 Presence


Generational Cursing & Blessing = family lines throughout Scripture

TTC – “so that lives & legacies are transformed”

  1. Identity passed on
  2. Behavior passed on
  3. Vows passed on
  4. Spirits passed on


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