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“Sin is folly. No matter what images they choose, the Bible writers say this again and again. Sin is missing the target; sin is choosing the wrong target. Sin is wandering from the path or rebelling against someone too strong for us or neglecting a good inheritance. Above all, at its core, sin is offense against God. Why is it not only wrong but also foolish to offend God? God is our final good, our maker and savior, the one in whom alone our restless hearts come to rest.” –Cornelius Plantinga, Jr

This months’ free research brief from Mark Driscoll Ministries examines how sin is rebellion against God our Maker.

In this free research brief you will learn:

  • Helpful overview and analysis of Sin and the Fall.
  • Culture’s take through Movies
  • Other Religions and Cults on the Human Condition, Fall, and Sin


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