Why Men Don’t Pray & How to Fix It: Daniel 6

Character Counts

  • 70+ years Daniel is still called upon with vital ministry/work
  • New King: Darius & Medes/Persians
  • Daniel chosen because of character
  • Politicians (covert) try & wreck the prophet (overt)
  • Daniel prayed publicly
  • Thrown in a lion’s den
  • Daniel could not control actions of others, but did control his actions.
  • Healthy Soul Diet – 1. HS 2. Word 3. Men 4. Prayer

Daniel 6:10 When Daniel knew that the document had been signed, he went to his house where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as he had done previously.


Most men feel guilty about their prayer life. They should, but don’t.

Instead – diversion, yelling, planning

  • I grew up Catholic with rote prayers
  • Most people grow up with no prayers
  • New XN – assumed I knew how to pray

6 Prayer Principles for Men

  1. God does not need prayer, you do
  2. Prayer is conversation where we speak to God (words and thoughts), and listen to God
  3. Prayer can occur anywhere, anytime, with any posture
  4. Prayer is generally to Father, through Son, by Spirit
  5. Prayer includes the laying on of hands
  • You connect
  • Holy Spirit connects
  1. Prayer is what naturally happens as you know God as Father.
  • Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6, when you pray, pray like this, “Our Father”
  • Jesus favorite title for God 15X OT; Jesus 165X
  • Abba – not daddy but dad/father/pops


  • Atheism – I have no Father.
  • Agnosticism –  I may or may not have a Father, but I’ve never met Him, don’t care to
  • Deism – I have a Father but He lives far away and we don’t have a relationship.
  • Reformed theology – I have Father who is distant, controlling, and not very relational
  • Arminian theology – I have Father who is passive and lets me make my own decisions
  • Liberal/Progressive – I have Father who acts more like an enabling older sibling.
  • Feminist theology – I don’t need Father as men are dangerous, worship God as Mother


1). Religious guy facing toward Middle East rocking, yelling, no clue what saying, over & over mantra

2). Kids w/a good dad asking him questions, hanging out with him, chatting, listening

Discussion and Prayer 

  1. Whose prayer for you has made a big impact on you?
  2. How can we pray with/for you today?
  3. Who do you need to pray for/with this week?
  4. Which guy(s) do we need to pray to accept your invitation to join us?
  5. Do you need a Bible?


Daniel modeled for men (and all people) how to pray in every circumstance, even in the midst of adversity, and in this talk from Real Men, Pastor Mark gives six practical prayer principles for men.
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