What to Do When the World Has Lost Its Mind: A Study in Habakkuk

The world has lost its mind and is in no hurry to find it. Every minute of every day, it seems everyone is raging over the latest political or social issue as the culture wars have officially gone nuclear. Making matters worse, there seems to be a never-ending series of mass shootings taking innocent lives, brutal bloodshed with no end in sight setting us all on edge. Our steady diet of conflict and violence seems like an internship for hell.

Life in our dark day is overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating, and terrifying. People are stressed and depressed. The typical person has more than enough difficulty in their private life, let alone all the public drama.

What do you do when the world has lost its mind?

I want to introduce you to a brutally honest man living in a brutally awful world who had reached the boiling point, consumed with anger at the state of the world and stress of trying to trust God in a world that appears like He has abandoned us on the battlefield.

Join me for a study of Habakkuk with this new e-book that includes questions for personal and group reflection and roughly four hours of sermons exploring Habakkuk verse by verse.

It’s time to stop reading bad news in the world and start reading good news in the Word.

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