You’re helping Dan be the man God’s called him to be!

In an age when masculinity is too often abused, it’s critical that godly men take a stand and show the world what it truly looks like to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Thanks to your support, young men like Dan are getting the biblical teaching they need to become the servant leaders God’s called them to be in their homes and communities!

After leading a lifestyle of the kind of sexual sin this world celebrates, Dan’s life was transformed by Christ. He goes on to share…

You helped me understand that such great peace was found in Jesus. That Christmas, I repented of my immorality and started [reading] my bible all winter – sprinting forth in growth and sanctification, discipling dudes, and going on missions. God redeemed my sexual purity, helped me defeat my addictions, and get married last year.” 

Now, Dan continues to grow in his faith and lead his new family to know and honor Jesus.

Thank you for making it possible to reach Dan and so many others like him with messages of life and truth from God’s Word. Your support is helping impact entire families for Christ.

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