Bible Preaching & Backwards Bowling

Bible Preaching & Backwards Bowling


Thank You

Your prayers and support have been tremendously encouraging, and are worthy of our most sincere gratitude. In recent months, I’ve learned more about love, life, and leadership than any season of my life. God is a great Father who has proven incredibly faithful to my family and me. On a few occasions this week, Grace and I became teary as we recounted the ways God has been so good to us lately, including some wonderful people he has brought into our lives.

We are also thankful for your letters of encouragement and emails that we receive every day. We thought it would be good to share some of those in a blog post series that started last Friday titled #GodsWordAtWork.

In Case You Missed It

Lately, a lot of our ministry has also been done together which makes it more fun. This week Grace and I had a great time teaching a church staff about how to nurture the friendship with your spouse as a ministry family. This issue is incredibly important to Grace and I, and her recent blog on friendship is a great one from my best friend.

As we settle in to the Phoenix Valley, I also continue to meet with a long list of pastors. We’ve met some wonderful Christian leaders who lead some wonderful churches and ministries. I’m learning a lot from these leaders and am very grateful for their hospitality. It is amazing and encouraging to learn about all the great churches and leaders across the valley.

Bible Preaching

I also had a blast preaching at a church in the great nation of Texas on Saturday night (during the painful loss of Texas Tech to TCU nearby) and Sunday morning.

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The staff was wonderful, and the people were incredibly kind, including some podcasters who drove in from hours away to get a hug and say howdy (Texanese for hello). I can also now check chicken fried elk off my bucket list. It’s a great honor to preach at various churches, and a great opportunity to learn by seeing a variety of ways that things are done. And, it’s always nice to meet and pray for folks who have listened online over the years.

Backwards Bowling

On the home front, bowling remains a weekly favorite. Our kids simply like to head to the bowling alley. Lately, for variety, backwards bowling has become popular. We enjoy hanging out as a family no matter what the activity includes and being a dad is the best job ever!

That’s it for now. More next week…


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