Converts, Candy, and Corinthians Plus Ecclesiastes Part 8

Converts, Candy, and Corinthians Plus Ecclesiastes Part 8

Converts, Candy, and Corinthians



I had a great time teaching at a church in Mesa, Arizona.

The people were very kind, and it was nice to have folks who have listened online over the years join us and say hello. I was asked to preach 2 Kings 3:9-20 as part of a series they are doing, and titled my message “Jesus is a Greater King with a Greater Kingdom.” Some people got saved and baptized which was great! We hope to get the sermon online in the next few months, once the current Ecclesiastes series is finished.

Trinity Mesa Baptisms 9-20-15 from Mark Driscoll Ministries on Vimeo.

One highlight for me yesterday was candy-related. Our kids and I showed up with bags of candy to hand out to kids in memory of my Grandpa George.


I deeply loved my grandpa and have a long list of fond memories with him. Sadly, he died when I was 10 years of age. One thing I always loved was going for a ride in my grandpas brown land yacht of a Buick. His car was simply huge. What I loved most about his car was the glove box. There, he kept a constant supply of Tootsie roll pops and anytime one of us grandkids went to run errands with him we always got a sucker. He really loved kids and passed that love on to his kids and grandkids. So, in memory of my grandpa George we brought bags of candy for kids and had fun meeting the little ones. Lord willing, in the next church I pastor, this will be a weekly tradition.

This Week

This week Grace enjoyed a lot of meetings with pastors’ wives and godly women around the Phoenix valley. We’ve met some truly wonderful people. She has been to more women’s events, Bible studies, and conferences lately than any season of her life.

It’s been wonderfully encouraging as her husband to see the warm welcome she has received from numerous godly older women.

One odd thing this week happened on Saturday. In recent weeks the I-10 shooter has caused people to live in fear across the Phoenix valley. Someone was shooting at random cars on the highway. On Saturday night they arrested the suspected shooter at a Wal Mart. We had driven by that store around the same time he was there and we were hanging out roughly a mile away when the arrest went down.


Next Sunday I will be preaching at a church in Lubbock, located in the great nation of Texas. If you are in the area, feel free to join us and say hello. If you can, it will be available live online here. If you cannot make it, we hope to post the sermon online in the next few months.
Meaningless Life? Part 7, “Church Ain’t A Soul Car Wash: Ecclesiastes 5:1-7“, is available today. Check out all of  Pastor Mark’s new series here.
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